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More and more people want to know what they eat. This is also a big issue For us at CHICKEN & MORE and that is why we are happy to provide information about our chicken. At CHICKEN & MORE we use “GRAN CUK-CHICKEN”. The Gran CUK-chicken is the first certified chicken in Spain grown on Galician farms without treatment with antibiotics, growth promoters and other drugs. It is a slow-growing breed and can quietly grow into a full-fledged chicken in the open air.

The chickens only receive a plant-based diet consisting of 65% grains, of which 50% is corn. These chickens are also certified with the “Bienestar Animal Welfair” certificate, which means that the chickens have had a good life. Healthy food, sufficient living space, free from pain and stress.

In short a wonderfull tasty chicken

About Chicken & More

Delicious chicken from the charcoal Rotisserie



CHICKEN & MORE is situated near the beach and in a beautiful wide avenue with fountains and palm trees, is located in the center of MORAIRA.

A nice day at the beach, working nearby Or just fancy some tasty chicken?

The Gran CUK-chickens are brined for 24 hours, marinated for 12 hours and then air dried. After airdrying, the chickens will be placed in the charcoal rotisserie oven.

The delicious half or whole chicken can be coated with one of the four different flavours:

Provençal, Honey Mustard, Barbecue or spicy balinese.



In addition to grilled chicken, we also serve delicious pulled chicken tacos, chicken wings, a chicken burger, spare ribs, chicken satay, beef bavette, etc.. .And of course freshly baked fries, homemade applesauce and coleslaw.

All our dishes are homemade according to our own unique recipes.
In combination with all these delicious dishes, we also serve fine wines, tasty draft beers or bottled beers, refreshing gin tonics and delicious cocktails.

CHICKEN & MORE is definitely worth a visit:


Reserve your spot in the cozy restaurant or on the terrace.